First Post

Here the story begins, just after SPM ended.

I am Anzo, an ordinary boy who just graduated from SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth, a school with great reputation in Butterworth.

Will share stuffs in this blog later on.


(SPM exam papers that damaged my brain severely)


(A moment where all form 5 students are waiting for)

Honestly saying, I do not feel too great after SPM. People keep thinking that SPM is a nightmare, and hope that it will be over soon. Yes, I used to think like that too. However, you soon realised that you are no longer a high school student. You are no longer a baby who is waiting for spoon-feed from teachers; you can no longer rely on your parents to make decisions for you; you can no longer forgive yourself and think that you are right after committing mistakes.

It is not easy to grow up and get matured, but this is the process of life.

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