Here’s the game, introduced on 15 March 2014:

This was the initial mode, but after that 4 different modes are available by updates in play store: 2 traditional modes, 1 (practice) allows you to undo up to 20 moves while the other (classical) doesn’t allow any undo, and 1 mode with an X-tile (A tile being a barrier) and 1 timed mode (survival) which was most adventurous!

It took me more than a month to reach 2048 (and that’s practice mode) with high score 23k, and I was especially satisfied that I survived for 4 minutes in survival mode, leaving me in top 11% among the players, and that I reached tile 512 for all modes.

But while I was freaking happy with what I’ve done, I saw a post on Facebook by one of my friend earlier on:

Damn that’s insane! (That’s effort of few hours, and it almost means you cannot make any mistake in your arrangement of tiles)

Edit (25/5/2014): I just realized that there’s a simple trick by moving the greatest to the corner, and my score skyrocketed, even in classic mode:

Interestingly, the whole family is playing, with my father who reached 12k with 1024 tile in less than 5 attempts. Knowing the trick, I’m at the verge of disposing practice mode: you can practically make to max: 131072, 65536,…,4

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