The student-ministry game 3-Frutition

Waves, battering the shore, created noises that disturbed my mind.

Thoughts, remaining active because of beta waves, deviated further and further from the peaceful condition.

I, lying on the bed, rolled 360 degrees for 7-8 times, still unable to sleep.

As expected, I spent my most difficult sleep ever. Mum, again made it clear: Be prepared to be scolded if I ever disturbed her in her bedroom. By hook or by crook, find something else to do. Then, few scenes gradually occupied my mind, as if my life was replayed……

I remembered being paranoid of my SPM results since end of January, which created the record of most silly thing done in human’s history ever. This anticipated the lifeless countdown since a month before the date: 20/2/14.

I remembered my news feed on Facebook being occupied by posts of countdown (within a week) to result release date, which made my nerves tensed. Thankfully, one of my classmate posted “Good luck everyone” with photo on Instagram, and the waves in my body receded.

I remembered chatting about this topic with Justin and Yi Kye, while one of them mentioned that it was easy for us to over-think stuffs and highlight our own mistakes during the exam. He’s right, at least for me.

The day before was my mum’s birthday, and she permitted me to reward her the gift two days later. She asked for interest for being late some more! Wow, that was good enough to make me feel stressed.


Oops, it was only 11:30 pm when my mind was wrenched into the sheer darkness of my bedroom again!

I quickly grabbed “The Journey” novel, where I was thousands of miles behind each of my family members in reading it (Oops, they finished before I ever started it). I finished in 2 hours, temporarily forgetting what’s happening the day after and get myself involved in all jokes in the story. Unfortunately, the traumatic scene of result release popped into my brain, making me immovable on the rocking chair immediately after finishing it. I forced myself into bed again, and thankfully, I could sleep at 3 and woke up at 6:45.
That’s it.

20/3/14–Arrival at SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth
I arrived rather late at school: just 5 minutes before the official release time. Having known that, the school still wanted to have our hearts suspended–most schoolmates have a file (given by school) and certificates inside. Your heart pounded upon seeing this before realising that the result slip was missing. Trolled.

And our school obey the rules perfectly: the results should not be disclosed until 10 am. The school not only followed it, but they released it only at about 40 minutes later. They’re not culpable for it, since statistical job was tough and tedious. You’ll be impressed when the school publishes the number of students getting each grade for every subject on the day itself.

Lol, that left us 40 extra minutes of waiting.

We finally saw Madam Yip and Mr. Su (Counselor) coming out with 11 boxes: each box contains slips of each class. Oops! There’s only 2 slips in our class box, none of which was mine. I should be relieved: those with 10A’s and above have their slips suspended by teachers for presentation.
” Our heartiest congrats to this batch of candidates, which created average grade point of 2.02, an improvement of 0.31 from last year. We have more than 99% passes and 218 scoring at least 10As (A statistical error in his speech, it’s 138 actually),” reported Mr. Su with his ringing voice. And very soon, they gave out four slips of all A+, 2 of them who had 11 subjects.

The rest was done according to class, our class (5SA1) being the first. The sequence was fishy, too. Seems like according to our inverted number in class name list (alphabetical order) but Zeno (the last guy in our class name list) was skipped.

My name was skipped too.

While some of them officiously reporting how many A+ they have (to their parents and bosom friends), I (along with some of my classmates whose name were skipped) was still waiting. Apparently, quite a number of my classmates obtained 9A+ 1A, where most of them failed to score at Chinese.

I hoped that I could be as happy as them, too. At least, 9A+ to make me eligible for the bursary. Meanwhile, my parents who were supposed to hear from me, obtained the hot news before me:

The feel of joy was just ineffable! But wait, that was not necessarily accurate.

And suddenly…

Instead of saying that “sorry for left out these slips,” Mr. Su proclaimed “Here’s some surprising good news of 11A’s,” which explained why my slip was left out. While chatting with friends with spirits elated by the message, my attention suddenly drifted to the Master of Ceremony when he announced “Here’s a 10A+ 1A slip, again drowned by Chinese. That’s Anzo Teh Zhao Yang!”

Oops! I “failed” in my native language but succeed in everything else! But there’s a trick: only 0.63% of A+ for Chinese Language subject in Malaysia, and A means I’m in the top 5% :).

The presentation ended very soon, and we decided to look for our teachers to say something after 3 months of separation. Besides the profuse occurrence of “congratulations” besides our ears, it worth noting that my Bio teacher was very surprised at my A+, especially when some of the top students who scored more than 90 marks in trials failed to obtain this lofty grade. But I could feel that it was a sign of relieved for her after “terrifying” her by missing exams and Bio classes. Good thing was I secured A+ that was teetering at the fine edge of cliff.

As the step before everything starts, I photocopied my slip and had my senior teachers certified (yeah, 20 copies).

Next plan: Escape!
Now I’d done everything, including the most cumbersome IELTS exam. Hence there’s no reason for me not to have an outing with my dear classmates, especially when they invited me for that. Where’s the perfect venue? Let’s go “overseas” to Penang Island! But before that, we were wanted by someone: Our former BM tutor wanted to see us to discuss 2 important things:
1. Sharing session (slot allocated from his tuition class).
2. Celebration (somewhere)!
Within 30 minutes we had these things finalized (date and venue).

Hence, the rest of afternoon was a freedom for us.

7 of us on the ferry
A visit at Mustache with injured wallet

3 of them had final lesson at British Council in the evening (and that’s why Penang Island was our choice!) Plus one of them left for some other gathering, in the end only 3 of us were left for dinner.

That made me to reach home with a listless body at 9:30 pm.

Waves, remained quiescent for the night, leaving a quiet environment and safe for people to make their home there.

Thoughts, were blank and peaceful, with theta waves undulating slightly in my brain.

I, lying on the bed, finally had a good sleep after few days of worries and sleepless moments, leaving me completely exhausted today.

After note: I decided to study my A-Levels in Sunway under Government Bursary sponsor, but at the same time applied for some other scholarships. At least, I had no worries in my Pre-U studies (financially!) With lavish accommodation (gym+swimming pool+personal bedroom!) and marvelous facilities, that seems to be a perfect plan. But who knows when there’s some surprise from other scholarship application?

Meanwhile, we had good news all around: Justin Lim (IMO peer) and Sahib Singh (IMO 2012 camp student) were awarded the National Scholarship, a rare honour given only for those in top 50 nationwide (besides getting all A+). Yi Kye (IMO peer too!), Zi Khang (IMO 2012 and 2013 camp student) and Kwok Yee (IMO 2013 camp student) also secured the bursary (9A+ and above). Kudos to all math kids!

Finally, acknowledgements to (but not limited to) following:
1. Teachers and tutors. Knowledge and skills are important (in which they have taught), but motivational push was important too. That included countdown (since 392 days before exam) and “less time on Facebook, external activities, extracurricular acitivities lol“. Special thanks to my Bio teacher for treating me “specially” and imposed “red light warning” on me, otherwise I would have lost my A+ in Bio. Meanwhile, my Add Math teacher even asked us to not to allocate too much time on Maths/Add Maths since they are easy to score (we have 70% and 52% A+ respectively for our school this time), but focus on critical subjects (Languages, Bio and Moral) since they are harder to score. My economics teacher should also be acknowledged separately for teaching 7 of us (Science students) after school time without us paying a single cent. Yeah, extra effort from her.

2. Parents. How to make sure that the push is continuous, even out of school time? Yes my parents did that. Distractions were everywhere, ranging from IMO Maths to Facebook. Force is always required to pull me back into dull moments of studies. Moreover, some relaxation was needed and we had some time in shopping complex, plus bookstores like Popular is available too! Here goes the gentle reminder: “Need anymore reference books?” They deserved some other credits like finding tutors (and pay for tuition fees of course!) and following up my conditions of studies from time to time (especially during exam period), but if I write everything the post would be long-winded.

3. Friends (including my sister) and elders I met (including IMO Malaysia organising team). Again what they can offer was often motivation, but my classmates lend a big hand to me when I faced troubles, especially in Sciences subjects. Not to forget when I was in IMO, Chia Chun (my table mate) not only took homework for me, but also made follow ups on Exam Date and all relevant news. It would be wrong not to mention the “good luck” from the rest of them too.

4. Those I didn’t mention above (lol)


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