IMO 2014 Team Malaysia

The IMO 2014 Camp 4 (Where 12 camp students were invited) was done on Wednesday (21/5/2014), and surprisingly it took only 2 days for the panels to shortlist the 6:

Short description of the 6
Instead of the conventional alphabetical order, we will do it in the other way: inverted alphabetical order.

MAS 6: Yeoh Zi Song (SMJK Chung Ling, Penang). He’s the youngest team member, not only in 2014 but in Malaysian history! Who could represent Malaysia and compete with big guys like us at Form 1? Mr. Suhaimi has a pair of sharp eyes to unearth this jewel through his participation in Math Olympiad courses by inviting him to IMO Camp Selection test and subsequently he was selected to our camp. He improved by leaps and bounds, and won 2 medals in international mathematical events in 2014 prior to the IMO. He deserves the spot-salute!

MAS 5: Tan Kin Aun (SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth, Penang). A Form 5 student from Penang, who rarely missed the top ranks in his school exams. Also, a guy who has the strong will to make into the top 6, despite being stopped at the last selection for past 2 years. Another of his main interest was robotics, where he held some very high post in Robotic Club of SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth.

MAS 4: Shazryl Shafyz Zulrushdi (formerly at SMK USJ 12, Selangor). Though a little quiet, he has no problem in mixing with us and chat with whatever topics at all-his participation in IMO 2013 last year has proved that. We are looking forward to him in being with him in the upcoming Olympiad!

MAS 3: Khong Yi Kye (Sunway College, KL, formerly at SMJK Sin Min in Kedah). The most senior in terms of involvement of camps: 5th year of experience. Notably, he’s the best first-timer in IMO 2013 last year with a Bronze at a high score: only 3 students in Malaysia (since 1995) secured a bronze in first attempt! He’s never verbose in his conversation, yet can entertain us by sharing jokes.

MAS 2: Justin LIm Kai Ze (formerly at Sekolah Tinggi Kluang, Johor). He’s the most glorious among the 6, by being the National Scholar and Kijang Emas Scholar at the same time. His strong determination will make him succeed eventually. Moreover, like me, this is his 4th attempt in IMO this year. Interestingly, he’s more than 6 feet tall and further growth will make me envious…:P It is worth noting how we were partners for few times: TOT Summer Conference in 2012 and leading the committee of Junior Olympiad of 2013.

MAS 1: Anzo Teh Zhao Yang (formerly at SMJK Chung Ling Butterworth, Penang). That’s me! That’s the fourth attempt this year,  and looking at the list it seems like I’m the highest achiever (among the 6) of IMO in past 3 years. But that’s the past, and the present is the most important. The four years of my Olympiad journey went through some fluctuation in performance (with increasing general trend), where the best example is APMO: Bronze-Silver-Bronze-Silver for 2011-2014. Nevertheless, I’m still wishing for the best in this IMO.

Congratulations to the 6, congratulations to my teammates, and at the same time, congrats to myself. Also something to be proud as Penangite, since 3 of us are from Penang, and moreover all from Chung Ling brother schools (though I’m considere as ex)!

Final Training. We will be going through the final series of training every weekend from 6th June onwards, and the final week will be the grueling mindsetting camp. But momentum is needed isn’t it? This year we are luckier, since every single details of logistics will be handled by Permata Pintar. Good luck to the team and may we beat our previous record for the 5th consecutive year!

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