Mother’s Day Celebration

We did it one day earlier on 10/5/14 (Saturday), and chose Victoria Station:

That was among the oldest restaurant (in luxurious category) in Butterworth, and we used to pay a visit before some other restaurants of similar standard were established. When we “returned” after couple of years we found the acoustic didn’t change at all! Lights are still dim (as shown in the first two pictures), designs of trains are still the same, and some time-table of departure as decoration.

Onto the menu, then:

Mother’s Day Set: Lobster and cod, which serves with creamy chestnut, coffee and dessert. Comes with a mug πŸ˜€
Bombay steak (My order)
Chicken chop and prawn (Brighter quality by different camera πŸ˜› )

Though expensive, even the most querulous customer in the world would give a thumb-up to the food and renounce in their debate of rebutting the food. Thus, there’s a warning: do not over-pamper your taste bud, otherwise you can’t resist the strong aroma whenever you pass by, and you will suffer from the heart-breaking loss of money!


That’s a reason I ordered the Bombay steak, since in the menu it stated “inspired by some books/movies” where I didn’t manage to take down the name. Though my family member, cynically, joked me as “ordering Indian food in Western restaurant”, my question is, should we restraint ourselves in having traditional black-pepper/mushroom sauce meal every time? Why not try a new one–steak flooded with chilli and ketchup in a not over-spicy manner? That taste of spice was just nice enough to blend with the juicy steak as you chew, and finally you finish with full of satisfaction and enjoyment. Nice, no? The only thing was, there’s no corn served like what the other two orders had! Perhaps replaced by tomato?

On the other hand, almost every table ordered a Mother’s Day Set. We don’t order set meals in this case usually, thanks to our skeptic view of it as “a chance for restaurant owner to make money of us”, but since we didn’t want to torture our stomachs by 4 ala carte orders, we made the 3rd grand and discard the 4th. Nothing distinctive about the side orders, except the coffee whose aroma was really rich and could unseat those in Starbucks/Coffee Beans. Interestingly, the Carrot cake has an unorthodox name: Old-fashioned carrot cake.

In conclusion, the quality of food, along with the special occasion of mothers explains why the was crowded, even on the eve of mother’s day. We were lucky enough to attend on the eve, where we were presented a mug (for the set meal) that stated “while stock lasts”.

Finally, if you want me to say one words or two to my mum, who effectively implemented her knowledge in Montessori (edit: I just learnt that the numerous effort was required, and this Montessori education was only a part of it) to bring me out from the gloomy world of Aspegers’ Syndrome, instead of the conventional “thank you” or “I love you”, she deserved a clap from me! (Note: photo removed to avoid complaints from my mother πŸ˜› )


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