I declined the genial invitation to the theater by a group of friends (my “neighbour” in my hostel unit), as Xue Heng and I would be meeting up Taylor gang for it. Five of us, however, watched it  anyway (in Subang Parade).

While my housemate (Chang Yu) appraised it as “arid”, no. This is my first experience in watching a significantly appalling movie, and the aghast feeling on some scene made me to long for the end of the movie, or, at least, the end of these horrible things. To this end, indicating threatening scenes short after this, some sinister views made you avert from the screen (like Mia being hit by the spirit of Annabelle, stove burning, and finally, Annabelle demanding soul of Lea). Enough with these stuff! Initially thinking that Annabelle will announce armistice when the poor family moves to California, her malevolent act intensifies incessantly, instead, besetting the family (and audience like me) with fear. Plus nobody expected the lost soul to attack innocent Father Perez! Continuous twist, horrifying animations in tandem, etc, added live to the movie, and left my eyes transfixed before the screen. (The doll being the bane of the family was expected and predictable, though). Horrors aside, and now you feel sympathetic to the Gordon family, thinking how you are going to cope with this adversity if you were them.

OK enough spending on time and money. Let’s atone the time lost with studies for the following days (Haji holiday on Monday, that’s how we found excuses to watch movie!)

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