Just for share :)

Anyone needs refresh on graduation nostalgia? Here it is: The graduation song of Chung Ling Butterworth this year (updated 2/11, with complete MV):

(Sorry for those who can’t understand Chinese, but you still can enjoy yourselves into the stream of melody lines, and the content of video)

This balmy piece makes your mind to serene tremendously, and made me feel fresh of the moment when I was singing the grad song last year, with tears at the brink of welling in my eyes. Though some tantalized the lyrics for being flamboyant, showing characteristics of poem rather than song, I found it as a plus point compared to ours last year! (I admit that ours was a bit prosaic). The main aspect that detracts the beauty of this farewell song was the layout of the lyrics when choreographed into the melody; it appeared to be too packed for others to sing (not much room for rest).

Compared to this, I still prefer last year’s graduation song for the easy swinging quality (which was proudly presented by my team and me). Nevertheless, good job for our juniors for this.

As for video commentary, not now, considering the dearth of my video appraising skills. Nevertheless, the notion of hair cutting was humorous, showing the strict regime of school in fashion moderating.

Note: the MV above was disclosed during the graduation ceremony on 18/10. Meanwhile, congrats to Kin Aun for ascending to the throne of graduation: The Most Outstanding Graduate Award. He deserves it, after hounding for years in Mathematical Olympiad and finally geting into the IMO team this year. Congrats to other prize winners too, and good luck for your upcoming SPM (and STPM, for Form 6 seniors).

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