[Cheap] books, expensive time.

What does the word “cheap” connote? Let’s see.

Big Bad Wolf Sale caption
Big Bad Wolf Sale caption

Great! Who isn’t incentive-motivated? The caption “85%-95% discount” allured me. After confabulation with Zeno, my housemate, we marked ditched this event on the 7th box on page titled “February”, on my calendar. In happenstance, two friends from Perak Matriculation College would be coming on that day too.

As we stepped into The Mines Convention Centre (MIECC) What came into our eyes was the lividity of the foyer, the stupor-inducing quiet ambiance of the ground floor, coupled with the dispelling morbidity of the shop lots (mostly closed), as if that was an outage for their business. Once we ascended to first floor, the environment contrasted starkly: sea of people walked in and out of the Big Bad Wolf (BBW) exhibition, with the BBW placard resplendent. Now as we entered the exhibition centre, the colossal amount of books flooded us, making us unable to locate the books we yearned for. Furthermore, the organisers slashed down the price further from what it labelled from the first day, which further exulted my parsimonious financial part of mind!

I heartily ambled through different piles of books and the choices were eclectic! Mainly cookbooks, but some econs and fictional books were there. I added the last two of the three my trolley (as if they were gratis), plus one on leadership. A duly call by Zeno signalling lunch time when I was about to foot the bill, and we pitched in our bento sets and sashimi at Sushi King.


“Let’s make our taxi fare worthy”, urged Zeno. That’s how the three finished their afternoon by lingering around fashion outlets. Deciding that I had nothing to look for and didn’t want to bore myself with those garments, I grabbed my purchased books and lumbered into the BBW exhibition–again! This time the agenda was to sort out my gallimaufry of shopping list and conquer the Bookxcess section-less discount than that of BBW, but still a considerable one. I swiftly procured a Running Maze series and two other books, and proceeded to the counter. Here’s my final tally:
Number of books: 17.
Price: RM148.70.
Average: RM8.75 per book (a real bargain).


Now I have to squeeze out time to muse over them. How about stashing time from smattering on social media? That’s a requisite now. Lol. Especially, when I received an ad-lib invitation for attending my friend’s birthday party on the day itself, which in turn became a mini high school class gathering (only two guys, though, who were Zeno and I). Let’s contemplate ways to replenish the squandered time.

To all BBW patrons, enjoy reading your books.

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