New generations

May, a month with 6 Malaysian students elated for making into IMO team. Here they are:

Some properties:

1. We have an IMO girl, Hanissa. It has been 7 years since the last girl (Saw Yihui) represented for Malaysia in IMO 2008. A pride for female in this field indeed!

2. Again, we have three Penang guys (Ivan, Kin Aun and Zi Song). Penang has therefore been doing brilliantly recently, hasn’t it?

3. All of them qualified into the last selection camp of top 12 in IMO 2014, with only Zi Song and Kin Aun broke into the final six. It must be bitter for the other four who made it till that stage but missed the final barrier (and they finally succeeded this year!) For Kin Aun and Zi Song, same thing happened in 2012–in a way I was lucky to be selected into IMO in my first try in IMO camp! To six of you, your extended hard work has paid off.

Interestingly 10 out of 12 in top 12 last year get into IMO sooner or later (including four “veterans”: Justin, Yi Kye, Shazryl and I).

4. This team gives a (rather) typical age distribution: by taking age as 2015-year of birth for each member the sum of age is 99 (i.e. ignoring birth dates). In past four years this figure ranged from 98 (in 2011) to 104 (in 2013).

Congrats to the six, and I shall stop here to prevent myself from slumping into endless dwell of IMO memories again. Make this country proud of your achievements!

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