Little updates, little happiness

It was two months since I wrote here, and I shall take a break from my hectic schedule for this haven of my emotional expression.

The past few weeks had been horrendous for me: six A-Level papers with the toil of Commonapp application. Three weeks before the deadline I had thought it impossible, given the little time to finish so many things: filling the blanks, fine tuning my essays, choosing the best essays from the several variants I had written. What I remembered for my essay was, edit, edit, edit,…until I was finally satisfied. Along with the recall of several “my favorite xxx”, all these process had been an introspective self-realization, thinking of how I had gone through my life.

It’s worth mentioning that besides the two, I had to devoted some time for Cambridge interview and written test (both weren’t as good as they should have been, but what else could I do besides relaxing and waiting for decisions?)

The A-Level exams sent me into shivers too. That the marking of Econs 4 was impressionistic made us uncertain of the quality of work we needed to grab our A*. Practicing the essays for these subject was never successful as no good work could be produced in 45 minutes, and the referral of marking scheme always exposed things that I didn’t cover. This proves the gravity of time constraint during the exam: 1 minute left after writing my last word. Another heavy one was Physics 4: by doing past years we realized that the application of the theory learned from textbook can be so deep that we couldn’t answer without solid knowledge.

We came to realize that exam has become so mechanical that we had to know which one to write among all things we know for a particular topic.

But luckily, these were over. Technically I have Econs paper 3 to go, but why struggle ourselves through it when the best you can do to prepare for this MCQ paper is to practice past years? Technically, we should revisit the Economics notes to replenish the knowledge gap This is easier said than done, having the remnant of the innate laziness of mankind (despite the hard training in this 1.5 years).

The sensation of finishing my early action was so great that I celebrated this by watching ‘Our Times’ (a Taiwanese film delineating complex love relationships in high school). As I had never watched any Chinese drama since I came to college, the experience of watching the typical stubbornness and foolishness, tinged with the bittersweet of love twists was refreshing. I especially love a theme song: “A Little Happiness” by Hebe Tian.

Now I am the ‘lucky’ few with a paper left, while most people finished their papers (in particular, ALL my housemates). Nevertheless, completing my early action, having the one-and-the-only unit gathering, and meeting up with friends…aren’t these “little happiness“? (I was especially relieved with my early action done, with only very few in our cohort who opted for this due to heavy exam workload. A few weeks back I was really uncertain whether this could be done and I was at the brink of giving up and turning it to regular decision).

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