A month passed, and contrary to what’s in this song, the month of May had been far from being an uneventful one, with lots of good and bad things happening.

May has been a busy month, filled with the urgency to prepare myself for the university in September.

It began immediately after I wrote my decision post (on Facebook) informing my choosing of Waterloo to start my degree, and I realized that there was only four (now three) months to have everything done. In particular, this includes getting a student visa, checking for flight tickets, choosing a residence, and many more. It should worth noting that I devoted my month primarily for visa application due to the convoluted nature of Canadian Visa application: I needed to gather documents like the police certificate, medical checkup statement, financial proof, and other miscellaneous things.

I first applied for my police certificate, which in total took 24 days before it arrived my house (basically, 2 weeks for completion, and another 2 weeks to receive my payment and post to my home). This explained the protracted process of this application due to my “waiting for necessary documents”. But the good news came next once I submitted. I made a trip to the Klang Valley to submit my passport upon request, and they approved my visa a week from that. This marked a closure to the perils of ‘war’ against the timeline, and now I’m ready to do other pre-departure matters like booking an air ticket and packing my luggage. 🙂

May was a jovial month, tinged with three celebrations: Mother’s Day, and the birthdays of my father and me.

Mother’s day is a date to commemorate the contribution of my mum, who provided me the household warmth and the environment to grow both physiologically and mentally. My father’s birthday, meanwhile, marked his accomplishing of another age cycle while remaining young and healthy. The family had a celebration for them, and they celebrated my birthday by bringing me across the island for a movie outing.

Food during Mother's Day
Food during Mother’s Day


(Two similar celebrations on different days)

These were the times when I got to spend these moments with my family again, also the final time for me to do so before flying to Canada for my dreams. I could remember the disbelief as my mum said “let’s go for a movie tomorrow coz that’s your birthday,” yet feeling my heart skipping fast when I noticed that she meant it. Once again, thanks to my parents for making my day to the fullest, and I hope that they had a wonderful birthday/mother’s day. 🙂 Thanks to my high school classmates for celebrating my belated birthday in My Burger Lab, too! (near Sunway College)

With those high school mates again!
With those high school mates again!

As I wished this month to be a smooth one, it wasn’t. Flu and cough stayed away from me since last July/August, but they returned in second week of May for yet another time of uninvited visit. Fatigue defeated me for the entire week, but I seemingly got well by the weekends, until it launched its second wave of attack again (in Burger Lab, alas).

Meeting my friends after months-long of separation stimulated my muzzle, but as I tried to project my voice, it’s as if I was in the vacuum and the process just felt arduous. Deprived of this speaking ability, I felt this meetup tainted. I (with the help of my mum) turned to solutions like cough syrup, medicine and Difflam pills, only with a mild alleviation on my throat until I found my panacea: Vitamin C pill by Redoxon.

One month passed. The date of departure from Malaysia, from family and from friends had become closer. I shall spend more time with my loved ones in this three months, while hoping that things will be okay and smooth.

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