2. Maniacs (uh, I mean, housemates)

The unit A03-04 inhabited 8 guys who collectively achieved 32A*s (maximum possible) in the November 2015 examination. Each of them achieved at least 91% in each subject at AS level back in June 2015. Their excellence was further proven when 6 of them won at least a prize in the Cambridge Learner Awards in June 2015 AS exam, and 3 of them went on to win another awards in the November 2015 A2 exam. Ultimately, on the whole they outplayed most other friends in university applications as there are MIT, Princeton, Cambridge and Oxford offer holders in this apartment.

Shut up. Are we so desperate that we need these achievements to define us? Make no mistake, we named ourselves “s*x maniacs” in our whatsapp group because of the topics that we will refrain from utter a single word anywhere except in the closed space A03-04, where we would discuss, banter and retort over it without leaving out any single phrase.

Introducing the eight from left to right: Chang Yu (the dentist), Yi Heng (the tall), Hou Yong (the cool), Anzo (the floor), Hong Bin (the chill), Zeno (the amorous) ,Brian (the chef), Xue Heng (the witty)
Introducing the eight from left to right: Chang Yu (the nice), Yi Heng (the dry), Hou Yong (the cool), Anzo (the floor), Hong Bin (the chill), Zeno (the creative) ,Brian (the chef), Xue Heng (the witty)

(For brevity only initials will be used later)

Complementing these illegitimate topics were the sweet memories where we had together:

Food paradise A03-04

We had the most unkempt dining table, full of food, sometimes obscuring us to find even a spot to place our plates. But this highlighted both our sharing of food, and our habit of cooking, thanks to the inspiration of Brian (and XH for cooking soup for us). A few of us started making meals for ourselves concurrently; occasionally we walked to the shopping complex (Pyramid) to gather ingredients and prepare for our dinner together. What’s happening next was the most memorable ones: chatting and gossiping like nobody’s business for god-knows-how-long.

The most successful cooking story was the ‘oily’ creation of garlic and onion oil. Here, I shall proudly acclaim myself as the inspirational source for onion oil for making the first bottle (after ‘learning’ from mum) and teaching the others to make it. HB, meanwhile, was the ‘pioneer’ of garlic oil by discovering that 7.5 minutes of cooking in microwave was the ideal duration in a hard way: at the 9th minutes during the fist attempt he burned the garlic and the awful stink in the kitchen lingered for a few days. We subsequently felt the family care when some of them replenished the oil from time to time.


As foolish as it sounds, I only understood birthday celebration as a mandatory act among housemates after attending college.

Excerpts as below:

HB and HY (Jan 22/Jan 24, joint celebration) : nothing much, except a three-week delay by us organizers

Anzo (May 4) : see this

Zeno (June 29) : Our VIP was caught up with a phone call in his room when he was called, so we had to spray insecticide into his room to force him out (+1 for the prankster spirit!)

Brian (Jan 1) and YH (Sept 25) : sorry, but nothing special.

Left two: CY and XH (Aug 4/Aug 18), but thanks to Zeno (the one who thought of pranks) and the fact that they had birthdays two days apart, we’d better prank them.

Here were the instructions received by our two personas of the day:
CY: “Hey we gonna celebrate XH’s birthday, so please hold his cake for him later.”
XH: same instruction, except change of name.

Time’s up, CY was lurking at the sofa area, preparing to throw the surprise to XH as he walked out from his room. They met, and went “Happy birthd..WHAT????” , with XH almost toppled the cake in his hand. The other six of us simply enjoyed the parody 😛

The most successful prank ever!

Another random photo during the celebration (sorry Brian)

Outings (or rather, adventure)

Not all 8, but a few of us did explore beyond the rather limited Sunway city, most of which involved traveling via taxi (thanks to the generous promotion code that allows almost free rides) to places around Taylor’s College for great and inexpensive food. Sometimes, we utilized this chance to meet our friends there.

But there was some instance when Zeno and I went far to KLCC with two other friends for a symphony:

In front of Petronas Twin Tower!
In front of Petronas Twin Tower!

OK sometimes we weren’t that adventurous, so this could be just walking for 15 minutes to Rock Cafe, but it was definitely a good avenue to escape from the boredom of textbooks.

Ripped our wallets at Morganfields (Sunway Pyramid) before heading to watch Sinister at Sunway TGV.
Ripped our wallets at Morganfields (Sunway Pyramid) before heading to watch Sinister at TGV.

It’s definitely a waste for us not to have a group gatherings before we graduated, so we decided on that holy Thursday: the last day on which all of us can meet together.

The final reunion lunch before the last A-level paper for the dudes
The final reunion lunch before the last A-level paper for the dudes

The following trivia should make good end to the post! 😀


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