7. Farewells

Classes ended after October 2 to give ways to the November 2015 A-Level exams, so we took class photos in classes. For the sessions with Ms Amy we went few steps more to snap at the grassy area in the new building.

Guy's gang with Ms. Amy
Guy’s gang with Ms. Amy

This was quickly followed by the class outing, with almost full attendance:

The shop owner will be thankful for this RM584 revenue

Thew, as sentimental as ever, said (albeit half-joking), “oh no this is our last day!”, only for us to retort with a grimace and “shut up.”

Tokens of souvenir+final outing

Saturday, November 7: the day after most of our friends completed their A2 (no thanks to Econs paper 3 held 5 days later). I accepted the invitation by Mei Yan, Qi Yao and Thew to look for token of appreciation to teachers: a ‘yearbook’ for Ms. Amy. A few days later we surveyed gifts for give other teachers.

The final ‘date’ with Ms. Amy was fixed on the Friday before the week we were supposed to move out. Few of us in-charge of the book for Ms. Amy collected the writings of most classmates, realizing that there were still ample spaces left and we had to do something: we collected our photos with her, wrote extra quotes for her and mimicked her catchphrases as jokes. Sufficed to say, we did this past the midnight but it paid off when we saw Ms. Amy’s excitation and her continual desire to read that in front of us!

We ended up in a singing room for a few hours.

Done with outings, so take a snap under the Christmas tree
Done with outing, so take a snap under the Christmas tree

A few of us stayed in Ms. Amy’s office and Kingsley’s lab after the outing, with yet another god-knows-how-long series of conversation and hugs with both teachers. I remembered Ms. Amy’s word in-between: “you guys have graduated and now there are things I can let you know”, the phrase that we wanted to listen during our interrogation back then, but not the time when she invoked the parting feeling for another time.

Another final outing with Mr. Junior Lee to somewhere 20 minutes drive away, where we ended the session with tummies at the edge of bursting (thanks to the aromatic pork trotter!)

Moving out

The last day of exam itself saw a few peers talking about moving out, with Maxis leading the crowd by departing the day after that.

The rule clearly stated that we had to move out by December 3. I chose this very last date to facilitate my meetings with Mr. Leonard over application essays and utilizing library facilities to the fullest. Thinking that staying longer at my college would ease the pain of separation, I was proven wrong: poignance dominated my emotions as I sent people off one-by-one.

The first to send off was Chang Yu on the very next morning after my last paper at Aeroline terminal, which I ‘deluded’ my tear glands by saying “don’t worry we can still see him on the CIE Award Ceremony”. Same went for sending Thew a week later, after I returned from a trip to Penang with friends. (Thew actually chose to remain for an extra day just for the date with Ms. Amy).

The following week was replete of news of “xxx has checked out”, and this farewell season culminated on weekends (Nov 28/29) when I sent off Jean on Saturday, then Mei Yan, Hong Bin and Qi Yao on Sunday. The words before they left shall be remembered–Jean: let’s cherish our eccentricity; Qi Yao: good luck in everything, Anzo.

4 days down the line, and my parents were here, waiting to transport my belongings to my home sweet home. I moved my things for a few times, knowing that these will be the last moments I could travel along the residence walkway.

Moved out, before locking the door. My room had never been so tidy.
Moved out, before locking the door. My room had never been so tidy.

Goodbye Sunway, and hello home!

Closing remarks

A-level wasn’t easy, but fortunately along these arduous journey there were so many awesome friends to weather the storm with me. At this borderline between teenage and adulthood, I truly learned how a mini community looked like, and how I should interact with different traits of people around me.

It’s incredible to think that I only talked about academics in post #0 and #1, yet could produce such a handful of work here. This is a concrete evidence that A-Level life isn’t just about study; it’s about living with others while busily committing to your work.

I shall end this post (and end this series) with a token of gratitude. Thank you everyone who appeared in this 18 months. 🙂


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