I’m back!

Welcome back, Anzo! I heard my site cheering at me after the conclusion of my 1B term. Long story short, here’s what happened in the past term:

  1. I am the Winter 2017 Communications Manager of the Singaporean-Malaysian Association, UW. This means, I spammed people with Facebook posts and event pages, along with emails (sorry guys 😛 ).
  2. Spring 2017 is supposed to be my work term, so Winter 2017 is the term in which I apply for jobs. Here’s my stats: 9 interviews out of 154 applications (3 in main round, and 6 in continuous round). I landed on a research position in graph theory management in the University of Waterloo itself on April 12 (sounds good, isn’t it?)
    Something to be proud of: I got two rounds of interviews with Citadel (and almost the third round!)
  3. I won an Honourable Mention in the 2016 Putnam competition, with a score of 72/120, and ranked 32nd overall. I claimed A1-A4 and B2-B4, yet a blank on B1. So close yet so far to Top 25 (a.k.a. N2) :/ (it’s okay there’s always next year).
  4. Before the finals, I hosted review sessions for MATH146 and MATH148! It’s essentially going through course material together with my classmates and focusing on what professors are going to ask in the finals. The exhaustion after presenting for two hours was real, but so was the fun derived when sharing my knowledge to my peers (including my sketch for Putnam 2016 A3). Thanks to my classmate Spencer for inspiring me: he has been hosting CS review sessions all the while.
  5. I had (probably) the weirdest combination of courses taken this year: CS, linear algebra, calculus, intro to actuarial practice, physics, and communication. Most students in math faculty are either inclined to CS or finance (with a notable few who devote themselves to pure math); I’m stuck in the middle of the two (hence the weird course selection). [Well I just decided on Mathematical Finance, thanks to one information session on major selection]
    Hope that my grades don’t get hurt as a result (Thank Mr. Goose).
  6. Because of my interest into both algorithmic and actuarial part of mathematics, I explored competitions in both fields, namely LeetCode and Precision Case competition. My best result in the former was 87-th percentile in Weekly Contest 20; the outcome for the latter was that our team won a finalist spot to present our findings (shoutout to my teammates for guiding me along the way!)
A meme I created in anticipation to Grades Day starting April 26. Good luck my friends, and to myself!

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