It’s Fall 2018—nearly to the end. The long absence of me from this writing space suggests that something must have happened rather usually — and yes it did. I had never imagined myself of being that busy as this term with extra course load and internship application periods. Here’s some quotes from close friends, if I still recall them well.

“Wow 7 courses! How do you even handle it?”

“4 interviews in a day? Might as well spend your nights at the Career Centre jk.” (modified :P)

“ACM-ICPC Regionals and Putnam competition in the same term?”

(Along with some most contrived “Anzo you genius/god/master” and some more encouraging “don’t worry you got this” or anything similar).

At the end of the term, however, I am glad that everything has (almost) come to an end (just two more final exam papers to go!), and I will be starting my new subchapter of life in January (stay tuned…assuming I am disciplined enough to revisit this site!)

Maybe adrenaline just rushed into my head capriciously to prompt me here. 🙂 Also to tell all my readers (thanks for still being here 😛 ) that I am okay (just overwhelmed with work but it’s almost done!)

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