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Eccentric recount

Most friends in Sunway College (particularly those in the same intake as me) knew my cacophonous chant of “on the floor”, harassed without knowing what it meant. Here I am, sharing the background story in the form of essay I submitted for admission into Stanford University, titled “A Note to Your Future Roommate” (well I can’t claim it successful since I’m denied admission).


Revolutionary aside, my penchant for this is also attributable to the catchiness of the phrase: so deep it’s ingrained into my mind that it’s so hard to ditch it. But here’s a disclaimer: I used the phrase only for jokes, not when others were discussing solemn issues.

To my friends who identify me as “OTF” guy, I apologize for the bleed on your ears and hope that this text properly explains everything. To future college applicants, good luck for the following five months (three if you’re on for early admissions); I don’t really mean to post this essay for your reference but at least you realize this as one possible direction to answer this question.

Whimsical joke in physics

Why are we more energetic when we ascend to the peak of mountain?

Because we gain gravitational potential energy.

This invited several responses when I posted on Facebook, ranging from failure to consider kinetic energy and conservative field (which I had to add assumption that you travel on transport to the mountain), to the “exhaustion that saps our energy”. I guess this is the beauty of joke: if you don’t contemplate analytically, you will only laugh and do nothing else.


Question: What’s the value of “alone?”

Solution: since “a” means 1 (in English), “lon” has same enunciation as “ln”, so “alone” =1ln e=1.

Consistent with the real meaning of “alone”, no? In this way, lone=ln e=1, too. Those single and available know it best.

Happy new year!