It has been a while since I present my mathematical work in electronic form, and I just feel like sharing it here.

IMO Training

These are notes that I wrote for IMO trainings: (updated as of 8 August 2016 with references and problem credits)

Geometry fundamentals, specially written by Justin and me for those Juniors in first IMO 2014 training camp. They were new to Math Olympiad.

Trigonometry, the notes on trigonometric manipulation in solving problems. You never understand how I utilized this trick to the maximum in solving math problems. Used for junior classes in the second IMO 2016 camp. (For this reason no reference is attached).

Geometry big guns, this is the note used for the third IMO 2016 training camp.

Geometry theorems, the note for IMO 2016 training camp 4. The theorems are rather loaded.

Extra: I’m conducting a tuition of math Olympiad to two students who qualified into IMO training camps for two years, and to date there’s only one new handout written (others are simply problem solving or using others’ notes). Here’s it:

Linear recurrences

Solutions to some IMO shortlist problems:

The IMO rule states that we shouldn’t disclose the shortlist of the most recent year, since the non-IMO problems will be used as assessments in IMO trainings. It has therefore been my penchant to try out the shortlisted problems (for the past two years) after they are released. Here is my solution to the 19 IMO 2015 shortlisted problems, out of the 30 available. (Algebra: 3/6, Combinatorics: 4/7, Geometry: 7/8, Number Theory: 5/8).

IMO 2015 SL

Update: I also have the solutions to the problems in the IMO 2016 shortlist here. Still an ongoing process, as I plan to add solutions as I solve them (and add some thought process in an attempt to make them beginner-friendly).

Coincidentally, Malaysian IMO training camp has this tradition of assigning homework for students, where we had to solve problems between camps.

Below are the solutions that I submitted to my IMO leader and head coach, Mr. Suhaimi Ramly.

IMO 2012 shortlist, used in IMO 2013 training camps when I first learned to use LaTeX.

G2, N1

G6, N4

C4, N6

IMO 2013 shortlist (IMO 2014 homework)

C1, A2

A4, G5

C3, N5

FM Proofs

Proofs of identities in Cambridge A-Level Further Maths

I had that penchant for proving everything back in the days I was in Sunway College, so I ended up writing down the proofs on a paper before printing it out in LaTeX. (Much apologies but please bear with the bad alignment in matrices section, though). (Fixed bad alignment in updated file, yay!)