Project Insight

A friend in Sunway College, Lumo Woong, initiated this Project Insight as a platform to share his experience on applying to the universities. His blog serves as a primary platform to share all this information.

In June, he invited a few friends (including me) to collectively contribute articles on Project Insight. In return, I submitted to him three articles:

  1. My experience on financial aid application.
  2. My experience on the MIT interview.
  3. A story that summarizes my whole story of application process, receiving decisions and committing myself to a university.

Personally I liked the third post the most, partly because I invested a whole week to pour in my emotions and feelings into the post while recalling how I gone through this process. My primary intention of writing it was to update my friends on my whereabouts and to thank everyone who helped me along this process.

To all juniors who are applying to colleges, enjoy the process! One day you will find this rewarding.