New discovery on cooking…hehehe

That’s a fine Tuesday, which means I went for a simple gym workout, and continued with weekday cooking session. That’s I did it in desultory way: onion fried egg, vegetable soup, salad and spaghetti.

As imparted by my mum, I followed the standard operation procedure (or, SOP as its acronym). Rinse mushroom into hot water, wash it, then wash all other vegetable you like. With the lesson from previous cooking, I decided to cut the amount of water before dumping all-in-one into rice cooker.

Finally, when egg frying came to an end (pitfall: onion slices were not sufficiently fine, so some of onion might not be well-cooked), I felt suspicious of my new rice cooker: how could it take that long to cook soup? Bemused by it, I opened the lid and was shocked by the result: the water was completely dry, which curtailed my effort on soup cooking.


Here comes my new discovery (the rightmost picture): plain stew vegetable. I enjoyed the tender texture of the vegetable although many people desist it.

Why was it a discovery? I started my “cooking class” after SPM, taught by my own mum. Needless to say, she’s the one who passed me the recipe of cooking (I was only her assistant when I was at home). This is the unique one that she didn’t even mention to me, yet I engendered it myself. (Moral of the story: rice cooker dries off water).

Enough joke for above? Here’s more. Some of my housemates said that I’m deft in cooking. Well… cooking isn’t any great deal, if you aim just to feed yourself and ignore all aesthetic aspect. As long as you have a well grasp on the timing, and ingredient, bulls eye! You are on the right track. (OK some people may pose diatribe on me as dilettante for being showy of this paltry of achievement, but you don’t know that my new discovery means a lot for me).

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