Little updates, here and there

Amid the end of the third quarter of 2014, here comes my update:

1. College life started just right after my IMO, and it’s three months since the class started. I had been looking forward to college life since May before knowing some changes like having regular class tests (for perpetuation of study momentum), being physically distant from family, walking for 15 minutes to college every day, etc. These transformation, however, gradually assimilated into my life, and these lead me into the adult world 🙂
Ps: I enjoyed my daily life very much with my 7 other housemates: they are another branch of family (apart from IMO teammates that I mentioned before).

2. Life with lecturers went well, where I often have lunch with Further Math lecturer (Ms Amy). Till now I still can fathom the knowledge uttered through their presentation (with questions raised to them). The essence of them in teaching is to make us dispose our mindset possessed during SPM, and think more as an A-Level student. Oh great, college is really a place for us to abase in front of knowledge: the more you learn, the more you desire. Especially for bursary students who are aspiring for top 20 universities to be eligible for JPA scholarship, our workload isn’t just a piece of cake.

3. Yes great we have monthly allowance of RM430! But that alone isn’t enough for survival. Being in Penang and enjoyed the low-cost meals all the time, I took some moment to adjust the higher price here (even without squandering). As I thought that cooking for myself is a solution, this can be arduous, given the list of electrical appliances prohibited by SMR. This could probably explain why my phone conversation with my mother could be that long: ask for simple recipes, of course! Will this train me to cook well? Wait and see……

4. ECA’s, which adjuncts the academic side of college, would colour our college life, when you really contribute your hearts and souls to it. The A-Levels Student Ambassador (ALSTAR), Sunway Student Volunteer are the ones that coverts your commitment to happiness. Some others like Toastmasters, Model United Nation, pre-medicine (or other pre-career) club offer less of joy, more of educational enlightenment. Naysayers may think it as waste of time, but actually the activities are the supplement of textbooks in holistic education!

5. October will be hectic month for ALSTAR members, with beget of myriads of charity events. Stay tuned!

OK, now something not related to college.

6. After 12 years of musical education, I’m officially a holder of Licentiate Diploma of London College of Music! The exam took place on 8 August in Penang, which means I had only 7 months to practice as my class started in January (after SPM). Rushing three pieces and programme notes, trying to elicit the nuance of dynamics without losing any energy i playing, seeking for clarity as opposed to speed playing,…all these imposed pressure to me. Realising that the exam fee was incredibly pricey (more than 2k), plus time and location constraint, I told myself that I must pass this exam (>=75 marks), whatever event happens to this world. The return, however, was unexpected, as it gave me more than what I expected: 92 marks. I went into jubilance upon receiving the news, and feted it myself. Special thanks to my tutor, Mr. Aw for his hard effort and spurred me to take up this course. Thanks to my former tutor, Ms. Helen too, and wish her happy recovery.

7. Math: I don’t think I need to write anything about IMO anymore as I already  wrote a big page on it, except some edition on it. Neither for UTAR math quiz. The upcoming math challenge will be the Online Math Open (OMO). Have mathematical fun after IMO again! As for MCC, I vacillated on it, but took the challenge anyway. It went decently though I relegated programming to the bottom of my to-do-list these few months :O

Before I close, good luck for all UPSR candidates (who were afflicted by fiasco of leakage), good luck in Math and Tamil paper! (A bit late, since Science and English resit was done). Happy study for PT3 (especially my dear sister) and SPM candidates too!

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